Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Crack Over Crack

I'm still trying to get used to the point & shoot camera the SO got me for our anniversary. He wants to make photo taking of my nails easier & faster. I think I'll be using both this & my DSLR.

This is what the overall mani looks like. I love it!

Crack over crack!

This mani started off with China Glaze Electric Pineapple from their recent Island Escape Collection. This was a collection that I was actually excited for, I love bright colors! Hehe, & I love how the name of the polish has pineapple in it, yum :) Electric Pineapple was very difficult to capture the color on camera IMO because it would come out as either too yellow or too green. It's a yellow cream with a hint of green to it.

Electric Pineapple

Electric Pineapple

I had to do something to this plain mani, so crack it was! I used La Rosa 08 Blue over Electric Pineapple, & fell in love with the color combo! Matches my trash can, lol. The SO also said this combo reminded him of a hat that has a crack like designs on it.

08 Blue over Electric Pineapple

& Lastly, I was wondering how crack from this brand would look over any set of crack. I layered La Rosa 17 Lincoln Park After Dark (Recognize this name somewhere else, lol) & the combo was so pretty! Looks way better than my attempt to layer China Glaze Crackle over one another. As seen in this post.

17 Lincoln Park After Dark over 08 Blue & Electric Pineapple

Electric Pineapple - 08 Blue - 17 Lincoln Park After Dark

08 Blue & 07 Lincoln Park After Dark