Saturday, June 18, 2011

Soft Rainbow Water Marble + Shatter

San Francisco Pride is next weekend, so I'll be making my nails colorful til the end of the month. I started off with doing a rainbow water marble on only my left hand with light shades of colors. It came out really adorable, but if only each finger matched my index & middle fingers. I have a love & hate relationship with water marbling, so I'm glad this worked out a bit to my liking. I ended up not water marbling my right hand, but painting each colors instead. It came out very nice!

Rainbow <3

Water Marble

I ended up putting shatter on my nails during the second day of wear. My left hand had a top coat prior to shattering & you can total see the difference between both hands. I preferred the big shattered, made it so much easier to see my colorful nails!

Left Hand

Awkward right hand pose

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