Saturday, April 7, 2012

Week 10: Polka Dot Mani

I have been away for way too long. I appreciate everyone who reached out & told me to come back to my blog. Hehe, I've just been out & about enjoying life outside the computer world. I haven't done much to my nails in the past month because of all the tears & breakage I've been experiencing. In that time I was able to finally organize & document all my polishes into a spreadsheet.

Now let me slowly catch up with the yearly challenge and black & white challenge. I'm always falling behind on those! Also, I haven't announced the winner to my recent contest, I'll have that out in a couple of days. Be patience with me, thanks.

I left off on week 10 - polka dots mani.

I used two coats of China Glaze 2030 & dotted with Wet n Wild Black Creme. The reverse colors are done on my accent finger. I feel like I've done a mani like this before, the two colors are just really lovely together! 2030 is my perfect gold chrome! I need to find another bottle when I reach below the halfway point. This mani was topped with Seche Vite & Warpaint Beauty Mattify.

w/ Seche Vite

w/ Warpaint Beauty Mattify

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